Jeff J. Minckler​​

The following applies unless statutes or permanent panel appointments provide otherwise.

  • Daily rate: Grievance arbitration: $1,000. Add 20% for factfinding and interest arbitration.
  • Hearing: Daily rate for each hearing day used, prorated in quarter-hour increments for time spent beyond each all-inclusive 8-hour day.​ Only expenses are billed for a scheduled but unused day.
  • Time spent including travel, study and writing: Daily rate prorated in quarter-hour increments.
  • Expenses: Actual cost of lodging and transportation from the city hall address in the closer of Los Angeles or Seattle (other locations for cases assigned by some state agencies). Personal auto at the IRS rate. No reimbursement for the cost of meals.
  • Postponement or cancellation: No short notice penalty when a hearing is vacated more than 15 calendar days in advance; $100 for each calendar day less, and in the case of a vacated hearing or a withdrawal before a decision is issued, the cost of purchased nonrefundable tickets or the change fee if available and less. Tickets are purchased far enough in advance to take advantage of lower prices.

​Statements may be issued with the decision or toward the end of each month during which substantial services are provided or expenses are incurred. All charges will be split evenly between the parties unless I am otherwise notified. Statements are itemized but receipts are not included unless requested in advance. A 5% interest charge is added to balances unpaid one month after billing.